Gakusai danjon RJ01159348 Save Data

Gakusai danjon RJ01159348 Save Data


Girls’ School Dungeon

An all-girls school festival event has been hijacked by real monsters!
The demon-possessed girls are lured by the scent of men and attack them!

All-girls school dungeon
A dungeon escape event is planned for an all-girls school festival.
However, demons attacked the school and turned it into a dungeon!
The younger brother, a mischievous boy, comes to deliver a lost and found item to his sister who goes to the school.
His sister’s classmates, some of whom he knows well, are attracted by the scent of males!
The whole school has become a dungeon in a huge fantasy world!

-The sister is the student body president.
The main character is a younger brother who has an older sister who is the student body president!
He forgot something very important for an event at home, so he came to the school to deliver it!
The setting is an all-girls school that has turned into a dungeon!
The school festival was supposed to be bright and fun, but the female students attacked the men with their desires, and you must escape from them in this exploration type escape RPG!

Game Concept
1.Cosplay Warrior
Female students dressed up in handmade costumes at a school festival event.
They use mops as weapons, buckets as helmets, and so on.
They are somewhat funny and full of cosplay, but they are possessed or brainwashed, so they are wandering around as sorcerers or warriors in all seriousness.

2. Many possible means of escape
In order to solve the problem, we have placed various elements other than the orthodox way.

Placement of the worst and strongest forces that feed on demons
The costume parts for disguise

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