FRIENDS GAME RJ01159727 Save Data

FRIENDS GAME RJ01159727 Save Data


Cuckold Cuckold 2 Patterns Game Edition FRIENDS

Actress: Itoha Kamiizumi

CV: Ao Kuranami


During the cold winter season, the three of them go to Tetsuo’s house to hang out after school for club activities.

The main character is sent to a convenience store to buy snacks, while Itoha and Tetsuo make out in their room.

When the protagonist returns home from shopping, he quietly opens the door and sees them having sex.

Itoha and Tetsuo are playing a game together, and the protagonist is asleep on the kotatsu.

Itsuoha and the protagonist play a game together, which leads to sex.

Tetsuo is sleeping and Itoha is next to him…

This work has an ON/OFF function for English and Chinese subtitles.

Actress:Itoha Kamiizumi

Voice actor:Ao Kuranami


One day during the cold winter months, the three of them decide to go to Tetsuo’s apartment after their club activities have ended.

The main character gets sent on an errand to the convenience store for snacks. While he’s away, Itoha and Tetsuo begin

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