CAULDRON FLAMES RJ01159791 Save Data

CAULDRON FLAMES RJ01159791 Save Data



Depending on your PC specs, the game may not work properly or you may not be able to play comfortably, so please be sure to check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.

Game Overview

This is a 3D action game in which you look down to explore and escape the dark and dangerous Demon King’s castle while lighting flames.
When your HP is reduced, your clothes are torn, and if you are defeated, you will be sexually abused….


Nekoha Neru is a young wizard girl living in a small village.
One day, her village is attacked by monsters and she is trapped in the dungeon of the Demon King’s castle…


All H-scenes are Live2D animated + voiced!
Once you have watched a scene, you can view it from the gallery. All galleries can be opened when the game is cleared!

Live2D animation includes the following sequence: before insertion, insertion, slow piston, fast piston, and finish.
Slow piston to finish can be played in a loop! For bosses, there is a difference in the belly and more!

(technical) specification

Stage : 3 stages in total
H-scene : Total 10 kinds
Voice : Damage voice, female moaning voice during H-scene
Estimated play time : 1 hour
Language : Japanese, English

If you find any problems, please feel free to comment on the Ci-en page.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “CAULDRON FLAMES RJ01159791” and use it.

Download Save Data

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