Henachoko maousama to 4tsu no kaijuseki RJ01159885 Save Data

Henachoko maousama to 4tsu no kaijuseki RJ01159885 Save Data


Heroine Introduction

lemme (unit of radioactivity)


The protagonist of this work.

Because of her selfishness, she is betrayed by her subordinates and cast out of the Demon King’s castle under the [Weakening Curse].

Burning with vengeance, she punishes her subordinates and struggles to regain her lost power and castle…



One of the betrayer’s subordinates

He hates Remy, who spends his days lazy and idle, and is the cheeky kitten who is enjoying this betrayal fiasco the most.

She provokes Remy with her tricks at every opportunity.



One of the traitor’s men.

She is an undead daughter of a former human who controls necromancy.

She adores Remy the most and often takes care of him.

She is calm and gentle, but sometimes her emotions get out of control and she almost crosses the line. ……



One of the traitor’s men.

A wolf girl who doesn’t really understand this whole debacle but has decided to join everyone and antagonize Remy because it sounds like fun.

She puts fun above all else, and not even Remy can control that.


———- —-

Mastermind of the Demon King’s betrayal

Fulfilled his duties as the Demon King

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