Kanojo no shinsatsu RJ01161652 Save Data

Kanojo no shinsatsu RJ01161652 Save Data


Cuckold RPG from a man’s point of view

Aoi is a childhood friend who has been with him for a long time.

The main character, Hiroto, confesses his feelings to Aoi and they decide to go out together…
They went to college together…went home together….
They had a smooth sailing life.

However, there is a disturbing shadow over them…

An epidemic disease called “BFA-5” is sweeping the country.

She catches the epidemic.

The two go to a newly opened clinic in the neighborhood called “Gouzan Clinic” to have her examined.

This is a story of cuckoldry that begins with that “examination”…


Aoi is a childhood friend of the main character, Hiroto, and they attend the same university. She is a little natural.

Tsuyoshi Gouyama
Tsuyoshi Gouyama is a doctor who works at the Gouyama Clinic.
He seems to be posting some naughty stuff on the Internet.

message function

You can scroll through messages with the four-way controller and press the SHIFT key to reply. You can send a message.
Every time Aoi is sexually active, the content of the reply changes and feels different…

Aoi’s appearance on Tanish TUBE…

What was done to Aoi that day? It will be uploaded in video and images.
You can also see the comments of other users who saw it.
Please watch how Aoi is seen by many strangers and made to be a dinner for them…

You need money to see this post, so part-time job

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