Fai bu nai to! RJ01161754 Save Data

Fai bu nai to! RJ01161754 Save Data


Protect yourself from naughty mechs in the security room!

The protagonist of this work is a girl who has applied for a part-time job as a suspicious security guard,

The security mechs are supposed to protect the facility together with her,

But at night, the security mechs can’t tell the difference between intruders and guards, and they attack the guards!

They attack the security guards!

Use lights, surveillance cameras, and doors to protect yourself from the attacking security mechs!

Cameras monitor the mechs, tighten the doors and defend yourself!

The security guard will monitor the location of the mechs with surveillance cameras,

If they approach, you can repel them by closing the door!

However, if you use the door or camera too much, the battery will run out,

If you use too many doors and cameras, you will run out of batteries and end up being attacked by the mechs in the dark…

Use the facilities and protect yourself from the naughty mechs until 6:00!

If caught, CG is fully animated!

The CG in this work is fully animated!

A security guard is attacked by a tentacle-type mecha and a girl-type mecha.

Please enjoy the naughty animation!

If you finish your work safely until 6 o’clock,

If you finish your work safely until 6:00, you may find an intruder caught by the mechs in the last inspection work…?

Enjoy what will happen to the intruder caught by the mechs!

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