Mura to megami to shukusai nichi RJ01162008 Save Data

Mura to megami to shukusai nichi RJ01162008 Save Data


Goddesses, Villages and Holidays


 A “national holiday”. It is a day of revelry from morning till night in the name of gratitude for the blessings of nature. ……For humans, it is a day of revelry.

 Not for the gods who dwell in the heavens.

 On this day when humans are in high spirits, a goddess descends on a village. Her purpose is to collect auras. To receive a little bit of aura, or life energy, from the villagers who are excited about the national holiday, and to enrich the world.

 The “goddess of war” is in charge of this year’s aura collection work on behalf of the heavenly world.

 The way to collect the aura is quite simple. All you have to do is go around the village and talk to the villagers.

 If the villagers are intimidated, the aura collection will be delayed, so she takes off her heavy armor and exposes her skin to do her job. However, the men, who have become puffed up after being showered with alcohol, touch her body one after another. ……! No, alcohol has little to do with it. The men in this village are all plain jerks! Which is tomorrow for the goddess of warriors who talks to men to collect her aura and gets sexually harassed all the time!

In short, what kind of work is this?

 It’s a game in which the heroine is sexually harassed by a bunch of jerk-offs!

The sexual harassment gets more and more extreme step by step.

 The heroine, the goddess of war, can be switched to one of four states: “Basic,” “Suppression,” “Super Suppression,” or “Awakening” by means of items available in the game.

Basic state

 The goddess of warriors in her basic state. She shows strong resistance to sexual harassment.

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