Karyuusan no mahouseki RJ01162174 Save Data

Karyuusan no mahouseki RJ01162174 Save Data



The genius magician Seir takes a special examination to obtain the title of “Kyokusei,” the highest rank of a magician.
He was told to “go to the deepest part of the labyrinth in the Fire Dragon Mountains and obtain a magic stone from Ishat, the Fire Dragon Lord.
Seir enters the labyrinth in high spirits, but Ishato’s curse causes him to lose all his magic and weaken him.
Seir aims to reach the pole star by dodging the onslaught of erotic monsters and recovering the magic in the labyrinth.

About the game

This is an RPG in which you control the main character, Seir, as he navigates through a dungeon.
Aim for the deepest part of the labyrinth while defeating monsters, raising your level, and acquiring magic books from treasure chests.

The sex scenes are mainly battle erotica, defeat erotica, traps in treasure chests, and events in the scenario.
27 kinds of battle erotica and 27 CGs
Defeat eroticism: 11 types, 11 CGs
Treasure chest traps: 5 types, 5 CGs
Events: 14 kinds, 14 CGs
The total number of CGs is 57 + difference. There are some homosexuality descriptions.

The main sex scene is humiliation, but the story proceeds in a light sense, without the tragedy of being unable to return due to pleasure degradation (the story proceeds as is without game over, even if the pornography is defeated).

This work was created using “RPG Tool MZ”.
Please check the operation of the demo version before purchasing.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Karyuusan no mahouseki RJ01162174” and use it.

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