Gyakushuu no boukensha RJ01162898 Save Data

Gyakushuu no boukensha RJ01162898 Save Data



On her first mission as an adventurer, Lise is trapped in a prison with a whore, but she escapes without incident.
However, the town where the Adventurer’s Guild is located has been conquered by the demon.
There is no other way but to fight to get it back.
Let’s defeat the army of whores led by Shiralee Sadan!


This is an RPG made by Tscool MZ.
The story progresses by defeating lewd demons in each area through combat.
H-scenes are focused on titillation.

This game is designed to be a so-called “no-zoku-game”.
This game is a sequel to “The Captive Adventurer. However, you can enjoy this game by itself.
We are planning to add additional elements to the game through updates, so we strongly recommend that you register as a user before purchasing the game.

Points of Attention

All enemy characters have big tits! Some with big tits!
Characters who gained popularity in the past titles will appear one after another!
There are no small fry enemies along the way. There are no small fry enemies on the way, and you will recover automatically after each battle. Recommended for those who want to progress quickly without leveling up!
All the characters in the game have paizuri.
We put a lot of effort not only in the illustrations but also in the text. Some characters have text written by people other than the circle owner, increasing the variation of expression.

Main situations of H scenes

*The more scenes are listed above

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Gyakushuu no boukensha RJ01162898” and use it.

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