Josou tantei you go ? 2 RJ01163013 Save Data

Josou tantei you go ? 2 RJ01163013 Save Data


Kuei Hagaru, a stunningly handsome man-daughter detective, is actually an expert in solving sex crime cases!

Welcome to “Transvestite Detective Ip-Speak-Kuei”!
In this action-packed infiltration game, you play as the main character, Ip-Wo Kuei.
She is a detective who specializes in cross-dressing and uses her unique skills to infiltrate criminal hideouts, rescue missing girls, and continue the search for her missing sister.

There are many different types of missions in the game: investigation missions, rescue missions, assassination missions, and tracking missions. All missions will test your wits and courage.

What is the mysterious and indecent case she experiences? And what about the dirty and dangerous criminals she encounters?

In “Transvestite Detective Hagawakuei,” you find yourself in a crime infested city where you will pit your wits against a variety of criminals and villains. You must gather evidence, analyze information, and think from all angles in your quest for the truth.
The player’s goal is not to fight the enemy, but to avoid them as much as possible and find the missing or abducted girl.

Find your beautiful sister, rescue a missing girl, and charm your target with your cross-dressing!

The main line mission of the protagonist Kano语嫣 is to find her missing sister. She may have been abducted, but she may also be performing a dangerous mission.
To gather information, the player operates a cell phone

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