Daunaa life~ H na osawari jikken~ RJ01164740 Save Data

Daunaa life~ H na osawari jikken~ RJ01164740 Save Data



 Every day, he goes home on the dark night road with no goal for tomorrow. One day, a woman in white yells at me on the road.

 If you offend me, the human race will be annihilated. I thought this was a ridiculous story, but then I found myself living with the woman in question, and I had to take care of her.

 Her attitude toward life is sloppy, and she puts priority on slacking off on her research to avoid extinction. But for all that, he seems to have an interest in sex. ……?

Game Overview

Get the genius scientist with zero motivation in a good mood and get him to advance his research somehow!

You can enjoy various reactions of the heroine in life!

The differences between the future and the present, about life, about research, and sometimes about echi……?

Three levels of dress-up: costume, underwear, and socks! Some of them are also reflected in the sex scenes!

H scene

Interactive sex with full of costume changes and reactions.

The sex you can have in your daily life can be changed by changing the clothes!

Image play and future-specific play are also available. There is also a future-specific play.

By releasing the skill tree, you can increase the number of H events and commands.

There are some H situations like this.

A clerical hand job in between the interest and the trouble.

Forced to cum by the super-technology of the future

Speaking of science fiction, a tight-fitting suit and toy torture

Reproduction of modern image play wearing a maid’s uniform

She who is deeply interested in the sexual culture of the present age plays alone.

The point of interest

Only a few of the heroine from the future

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Daunaa life~ H na osawari jikken~ RJ01164740” and use it.

Download Save Data

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