Hitou girl RJ01164950 Save Data

Hitou girl RJ01164950 Save Data


Specializing in hot spring situations x Quarter View Dot H Anime!

This is a quarter view dot simulation game specializing in hot spring situations.
You will have sex with girls you meet in hidden hot springs while touring hot springs in various locations.

The game requires very little time and effort, and by collecting simple achievements (HITOU COINS), you can easily progress through the main events.
The main events proceed quickly by collecting simple achievements (HITOU COINS).

After the main event, you can enjoy free H from the free mode and reminiscence.

All H scenes are Japanese-style lovemaking and lovemaking.

Character Introduction

◆ Sayaka

Sayaka is a girl who loves hot springs.
While visiting a secluded hot spring deep in the mountains by herself, she meets the protagonist, who has been introduced to her by her godmother.

She is the type of girl who can handle anything rather dexterously.


God of hot springs who runs a hidden hot spring store.
In return for the hero’s faith in hot springs, he casts a spell to deepen his relationship with them.

He likes to drink.

game system

Kami-sama tells you to enjoy the hot springs and collect your faith (hidden hot spring coins).

Faith (secret bath coins) are collected by achieving achievements.

It is easy to achieve, so you can proceed quickly and easily.

For example,
Visit and enjoy hot springs
Find coins hidden in the map
Have sex in various places and positions.
For example, visit and enjoy hot springs, find coins hidden in the map, have sex in various places and positions, etc.

unexplored hot spring coin

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Hitou girl RJ01164950” and use it.

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