Last road RJ01165110 Save Data

Last road RJ01165110 Save Data


Game Description

The Last Lord is a roguelike action shooting game.

You play the role of the last demon king in order to keep the demon tribe alive,

Leave the castle yourself and take the battlefield, and find a way for your species to survive.

Operate the special abilities and charms of the [lower body],

Capture assistants of various races, personalities, and bad tastes to protect the demon tribe.

WASD] Up, down, left, right

F key] Interact/Open

LMB] Normal attack

RMB] Use skill.

Spacebar] Use dash skill.

E key] Use a fellow player’s skill.

P key] Kill yourself.

Q] Throw a projectile

Scroll wheel] Toggle items.

TAB] Inventory

ESC] Set options.

Game Features

1. There are many items available during your adventure,

You can stack items to enhance your attack methods and abilities [you can build your favorite genre!] .

2. Exhilarating blows, you can use your dash skill to dodge and counterattack all attacks.

4. 3 heroines with ambiguous and vivid stories

What are their desires and what do you want with them?

Find out for yourself!

5. When you clear the game, endless challenges will be released to make it

More random things

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Last road RJ01165110” and use it.

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