Dorei shounin, gendai sekai ni tensou su RJ01165172 Save Data

Dorei shounin, gendai sekai ni tensou su RJ01165172 Save Data


All the women in the box yard will be fucked!

A game of millionaire cuckoldry where you have to hit them with a lot of money and solve everything with money.

A slaver in a fantasy world is transported to the present day with a lot of money!
He has to make all the women into his slaves by any means possible!

The method of deceiving women and using them is also applicable in the modern world.
He becomes the richest man in the world by selling beautiful women, and uses his ample wealth to steal the wives and lovers of the common people and sleep around with them.
When he gets tired of playing with them, he exports them to another world and throws them away!

Come to think of it, I’ve never believed in love or romance…
He was a rich man, but he suddenly decided to try to live a normal life in the modern world.

The worst man in the world is a rich man who is a warrior, but he dares to enjoy the life of a commoner? He is a rich man with no money.
He is a rich warrioress, but he suddenly decides to live a normal life in the modern world.
In the modern world of Hakoniwa, there are various girls such as cabaret girls, students, and married women.
You can make friends with them, fall in love with them, train them as your mistresses, or throw them away when they become troublesome, creating a messy relationship in the modern world!

They love to take things that belong to others! The “Mistress” is a woman who loves to take other people’s things!
They use their abundant money as a weapon to lure their partners into parting with gifts and luxurious dinners.

(Rich Warriors)
-Gift attack
You can give gifts ranging from small inexpensive items to luxurious items.
You can also choose to give them all the items from here to here.
Consider the personality of the recipient and the distance between you and the recipient, and give effective gifts!

-You can choose from a wide range of gifts, from small, inexpensive gifts to luxurious gifts.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Dorei shounin, gendai sekai ni tensou su RJ01165172” and use it.

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