Kunoichi ringe RJ01165266 Save Data

Kunoichi ringe RJ01165266 Save Data


The undercover tits investigation of the Bursting Tits Ninja! Become a whore for your captive sister!


Title:Kunoichi Rinka
Genre: Exploration type erotic RPG
Erotic Genre: Bursting Tits, Super Sensitivity, Continuous Climax, Sexual Masturbation, Submission, Male Ejaculation, Male Supremacy, Rudeness
Number of HCGs: 12 basic erotic CGs + difference
Number of standing pictures: 2 kinds of standing pictures of main character + difference, 1 kind of standing picture of sub heroine + difference

Story (Synopsis)

Rinka” is a talented member of the prestigious Chomai clan of the ninja village.
Her younger sister, “Shinka”, is on a mission,
The Spider’s Thread”, an organization that traffics in the sex trade, takes her captive and turns her into a whore.

In order to save her beloved sister, she overcomes the opposition of her hometown,
Rinka goes into the Spider’s Thread brothel by herself as an apprentice to become a prostitute.
The first ordeal that awaits her after successfully infiltrating the brothel is
the first ordeal that awaits her is to have a “whore’s crest” engraved on her body as a sign of her status as a prostitute.

Rinka, who had her lewd crest deeply engraved on her body after experiencing a series of tremendous climaxes.
The power of the lewd crest causes her body to always be in strong heat, and she is happy to surrender to men.
She is perplexed by her altered and lewd body.
However, Rinka does not give up, and in order to rescue her sister
She escapes from the prison and begins to search for her sister, who is supposed to be somewhere in the brothel.

She sneaks through the traps set up in the brothel to catch the escapees.
Will Rinka be able to rescue her sister, Shinka?

During the search, she is forced to “serve” a man as a prostitute.
If her escape is discovered and she is caught, she will be given an “education”.
She will fall into the pleasure of obedience.

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