Hara Noboru ritsudou seikuriddoviranesu RJ01166474 Save Data

Hara Noboru ritsudou seikuriddoviranesu RJ01166474 Save Data


■Story Introduction

Every male becomes a deformity ,
Every female becomes a sack of children impregnated with a deformity ……!

Humanity is being hunted down by an unknown virus that mutates all living things.
The only way to fight the virus is to induce a deformity factor into the human body,
The only way to fight it is to hunt for deformities , which causes deformity factors in the human body and wears a suit for battle.

The stage is set in Aigis, a school city that trains deformed hunters.

Aegis is a school city that fosters deformed hunters, and is home to a group of doomsayers who believe in deformities.
The creatures in the city are gradually being eroded.
An industrial area that emits mysterious brainwashing radio waves.

The three girls who aim to hunt deformities,
Will they be able to crush the lewd ambition that stirs behind the scenes of the school city? ……–


Deformity, machine sex, deformity, brainwashing, evil corruption, childbirth……
A wide variety of situations and ryo* that exceed those of any other heroine works!

Heroines are raped and climaxed by unimaginable means.
The heroines are raped, climaxed, and impregnated by unimaginable means!

Please be assured that there are no defects or bloodshed!

The pleasure of sex is imprinted on these innocent girls in a very sexual way.
The pleasure of deformed sex is imprinted on these innocent girls with extreme pleasure!

The girls are attacked by slugs and urinated on, and their mother’s milk spurts to climax. ……

Defeated by a giant crocodile, the girls are swallowed whole by the crocodile. ……

The students compete against each other to see how many times they can climax. ……

The machine is a powerful muscle training machine that activates a rotating hole to polish your clitoris if you stop moving. ……

A woman is raped by her deformed friends, and while climaxing, she herself falls into deformity. ……

The deformed penis insertion, clitoris masturbator, and futanari exploitation…

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