Ma Noboru sei hime variant verse append RJ01166479 Save Data

Ma Noboru sei hime variant verse append RJ01166479 Save Data


We recommend that you purchase the game after playing the full-length version of “Majo Kou Seihi Valiant Verse”.

A mini-adventure of “Mako Seihi Valiant Verse” has been released!
Included in the mini-adventure are erotic scenes that are not included in the full-length version of the game.

The “Magokou Seihime Valiant Verse
Kouri, Iska, Sakuyoka…
The unimaginable cross-species rape and mausoleum attack on these lovely girls who hunt deformities!

The girls have sex with aberrant deformities in an erotic scene that has not been included in this volume.
The sex scenes are made into mini-adventures with a high level of fetish!

Avalonkiss presents you with a unique and hentai mating experience!
Avalonkiss is taking on a new frontier of sexuality…?

Akari Tachibana
She is shy, quiet, and unobtrusive.
She has a strong admiration for her older sister, Erika, and aspires to become a xenomorph hunter.

Isuka Koga
She aims to become a xenomorph hunter for the sake of her family who she left behind outside the city.
Because of her strong feelings for Sakae and her family, she is aggressive towards others.

Sayaka Todo
Sayaka Todo was almost raped by a xenomorph when she was a child,
She has come to feel aversion to the way males, both human and xenomorph, look at her.

Erika Tachibana
Erika Tachibana is the head of Aigis.
She has the authority to command the instructors and make decisions on the management of the school, and negotiates with, accepts, and rejects the government outside the city.

Original Drawing: Yone Roden

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