Suimin imouto to kanojo no yuujin RJ01167959 Save Data

Suimin imouto to kanojo no yuujin RJ01167959 Save Data


A little synopsis:.

My sister is always teasing me. She is cheeky but cute. We tease each other, but somehow we are always there for each other.
Recently, my sister started bringing a lot of friends over to my house and I was concerned about it, but one day she suddenly gave me some sleeping pills and ……?

There are 5 girls, 10 scenes and 97 actions in the game. Live2D is used to create the game.

way of playing (a game)

Your job is to act discreetly. You undress the girl, gradually undress her, touch her breasts, caress her crotch, and of course have sex with her.

Played with one hand, all actions in the game are performed only with the mouse.

A friend of my sister’s

Reina Reina

Serious and good girl. She likes to watch anime with her sister. Her parents are very strict, so her only relaxation is outside the house. Perhaps that is why she often comes to visit me. Her sister incites me to indecent things related to her friends.

Chieko Chieko

She is a very arrogant girl and a classmate of my sister. She always hangs out with us in the evenings and makes sharp remarks to me without hesitation. At the same time, I can’t help but think she is very beautiful for her age. Today she came to stay with us and even got us another room. Should we go to her place?

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Suimin imouto to kanojo no yuujin RJ01167959” and use it.

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