Imada tsubomi no yuushasama RJ01168659 Save Data

Imada tsubomi no yuushasama RJ01168659 Save Data


Who is the brave man who is still a budding hero?

The main character has become an adventurer on his coming-of-age day.
He heads off on his first quest with his childhood friend Priscilla, but …… he feels a little weak.

The hero, who was beaten up by goblins in his first battle, was told by the goddess that he was a “candidate for heroism”,
But he is endorsed by the goddess as a “brave candidate”.
And when he returns to his village, the village chief demands that he repay a huge debt!

Can the weakest hero, who even the goddess approves of, really become a hero?
He cooperates with his childhood friends to repay his debts and become a hero, and his adventurous life begins!

Some of the background images and monster images in this work use AI.

Main Heroine Introduction

My childhood friend, a cat beastie.
They have grown up together since they were small children.
In her childhood, she was a big sister and loved the main character like a little brother, but after he was saved from being attacked by a monster, she began to be conscious of him as a boy.

She is very curious and often wanders off during breaks in her adventures and never comes back.
He is cheerful, vivacious, and has a kind heart. Although he is not stupid, he has a tendency to trust people too much.

He dreams of becoming a legendary adventurer and exploring the world.

A girl who has known him since childhood.
She calls the protagonist “big brother” because she admires his personality and his magnanimity, but in fact, she is a little

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