Bakunyuu madoushi wa yuusha no tame nara!! RJ01168783 Save Data

Bakunyuu madoushi wa yuusha no tame nara!! RJ01168783 Save Data


“(To save the brave man’s …… other man’s dick ……!!!)”

A simulation RPG in which a mage, whose only merit is her erotic body, struggles for her hero (her lover) whose life is in danger.
Even in such a healthy girl, the ruthless “female instinct” exists and ……?

Anuze” is a busty mage who was traveling alone with her lover, a brave warrior.
But in the middle of their happy journey, the hero is attacked by a demon and seriously wounded. He is now in a situation where he has only a few …… days to live.
There is only one way to save him.
It is to get a secret medicine called “Elixir” …….

(…… million G?)”

Naturally, the price of the elixir is unaffordable for the average person! In addition, he dropped his wallet and went penniless!
In the midst of this situation, Anuze-chan finally makes up her mind ……!

“I’ll ………… do …… with my hands instead of paying for lodging.
“You were looking at my tits, right ……? I can pinch them and …… you can ……?”

I can do …… “betraying my lover to save his life.
But as she continues her “treacherous sex life,” something unexpected changes in her.

The first time I saw her, I thought she was a brave woman, but she was not.
“(It hits deeper …… than when I’m having sex with a brave man.

The female instinct within her begins to grow as she offers her body to the male cock, which is superior to her lover’s and serves him sexually.

No matter how much she tries to suppress it with her reason.
Betrayal for the sake of her lover turns her heart into a lewd color.

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