Moyooshi card RJ01168848 Save Data

Moyooshi card RJ01168848 Save Data



The main character is a poker player who only thinks about playing cards and has been single all his life. On his 30th birthday he receives a magic card that allows him to hypnotize other girls. As a card player, what does he want to use this ability for?

Hypocard” is a deck-building card battle game that introduces a novel component concept.

Players can engage in card battles with numerous girls using numerous cards in five major genres.

▷ 5 Beautiful Girls

The game features five different girls.

▷ Very Hi-Luxury Card Battles

42 card animations, including restraints, training and equipment

▷ Dynamically changing maps

Maps are randomly generated and each experience is completely different.

▷ Wide variety of cards and combinations

Create different strategies with customizable decks!

▷ Equipped with Quick Pass mode

Quickly view H-scenes!

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