Tsukenerau RJ01168997 Save Data

Tsukenerau RJ01168997 Save Data



An unsophisticated office worker spends his days using Kyoko, a big-breasted married woman who lives in the same apartment building, as his plaything.
However, he accidentally discovers that she is having an affair with his boss, a “charlatan”.
He begins to gather evidence in order to blackmail them both.
Using the stories he has gathered, he begins to destroy their relationship and make Kyoko his own.


All scenes are animated. Voice.
The main character’s monologue is a live video of the main character’s voyeuristic behavior through the camera.
Selective sex after blackmailing.
Rape, drunkenness, sexual harassment, cowgirl position, shame play, SM, normal position, doggy position…


Name: Kyoko Maehara
A woman who lives in the same apartment as the main character. She is married.
She has a baby face that belies her age and a glamorous body that bounces as she walks,
She has many secret admirers in the same apartment.
She is being forced to have a physical relationship with a flirtatious guy who has a weakness for her.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Tsukenerau RJ01168997” and use it.

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