ChibiSuccu RJ01170734 Save Data

ChibiSuccu RJ01170734 Save Data


A role-playing game in which a whore aims to become a professional.


A story from a long time ago.

On a long summer solstice afternoon, a traveling orc was visiting the Eternal Forest.

Perhaps it was his fondness for pappardelle with a generous amount of ragout, but the oak was extremely fat.

On an ancient road that leads to Tuscany and is fragrant with the scent of deep green, the orc meets a small girl.

It was a succubus who was soaking in the sperm.

“Won’t you play with me, traveler?”

The traveler, who had no regard for the immature demon, tries to leave the scene.

The demon, who was disrespected by the traveler, began to talk about her situation, which was not taken seriously by anyone because of her size, in a heated tone.

She told us that she was practicing to become a full-fledged man.

The traveler listens to her and does what she asks.

Everyone turned me down, but you’re a good guy!”

The whore rushes over to him and is innocently happy. ………

The player becomes the hero’s apprentice succubus, Laura,

The player becomes an apprentice succubus and grows up with the help of her sisters in order to satisfy the traveling orc with sex.

The game is completed when the orc is satisfied.

The Forest of Eternity

Field Map: *Field Map: *Field Map: *Field Map: *Field Map: *Field Map
The map of Yuukyuu Forest is a single top view of the entire area.
The map of the Eternal Forest is a single-picture top view of the whole area, allowing for stress-free movement without any obstacles.

Combat: ・Battle is turn-based with side views.
Combat is a turn-based battle with side views. Enemies are defeated by using normal attacks and magic.
Enemies include insects and animals.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “ChibiSuccu RJ01170734” and use it.

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