[otsukai game] boku no sobonure adventure RJ01172504 Save Data

[otsukai game] boku no sobonure adventure RJ01172504 Save Data



Depending on the user’s PC environment, there is a possibility that the software may not work properly. If you are considering purchasing this product, please check the operation with the trial version in advance.

This work contains a lot of commercially available materials and materials used in past works of our circle.


You can “move,” “talk,” “examine,” and other actions by point-and-click operation with the mouse.

The game is a so-called “Otsukai game” in which you acquire items by “investigating specific places” or “as a reward for solving NPCs’ requests”.

The game consists mainly of an exploration part, a conversation part, and an “H” part.

[The basic flow of gameplay is as follows]

1. Obtain H-part items

 Check a specific place on the field.

 Complete the NPC’s errands and receive rewards.

2. Play H-part

 By acquiring H-part items, the heroine character’s conversation options will increase and the corresponding H-part will become playable.

3. Play a specific H-part

 Some H-parts are flags for the story to progress.

 By playing the H-part, you will be able to find out new items or places to investigate.

(Repeat 1-3)


The main character (Soregashi) is sent to a friend’s house due to his parents’ work.

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