Sister blanc to fuuin no inma RJ01172752 Save Data

Sister blanc to fuuin no inma RJ01172752 Save Data


Sister Blanc, a pious, chaste, big-breasted woman, is possessed by a whore and sells her spring to pay off her debts.


Sister Blanc is a pious sister who is burdened with a huge debt due to the deficit of the orphanage she runs.

What is the way to repay the debt offered by Kuro, a whore, who has been unbroken by chance and has become one with her,

The only way to repay the debt is to go to the nightlife district and sell her body…!

The places where she sells her body gradually become more and more extreme, starting from the sex entertainment in bars to prostitutes and street whores…

What is the destination of Bran’s sexual desire, which is blossoming in the inferiority complex hidden in his ample body?

And what is her relationship with Kuro, the whore who has become one with her?

A pious sister’s daily life turns into a life of lust and depravity…


25 H-scenes(Recollection is possible. All scenes are open.)

132 CG H-scenes + many event CGs including standing pictures and cut-ins

Multiple endings (3 kinds including BAD)


It is an orthodox exploration type RPG.

Events will occur when you get a night job in the city, and more events will occur as your lewdness level rises along with your wages.

Some of the events are unlocked in stages as the level of promiscuity changes.

When the lewdness level is increased, the player can perform exposure and street prostitution on the city’s inhabitants.

The main character Bran has an erotic status and can also collect data on sexual acts that are recorded in each event scene.

In addition, there is a dungeon outside the city

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