Haramase camp RJ01174080 Save Data

Haramase camp RJ01174080 Save Data


It’s an impregnation camp where girls and boys who have reached first menstruation and sexual intercourse are allowed to participate.Â

The images and movies are under development.
*The images and demo version may differ from the product version due to version upgrades, etc.
The actual product will include the school year and other information.

0Illustrations (excluding title, ending, standing pictures, etc.)
Sex in a tent
Anime style 11 pictures (for 11 girls) + 1 additional picture

In mini-game (1 picture)
27 sex scenes
Other 2 pictures

A pdf of the cg collection is enclosed.
*The included PDF differs from the illustrations in the game in terms of specifications.

0About additional events
The “All Open Mode” will be released until just before the additional event.

There is an annual festival held in a certain village. It is also known as “Impregnation Camp.
The purpose of this festival is to ensure the prosperity of offspring.
It is said that the festival was originally started when the village was in danger of extinction due to an epidemic, and has continued to the present day in a different form.

This year’s participants included 11 girls and 1 boy (one of them is his own sister).

0Game Contents
It’s a game where you challenge mini-games and accumulate points to have sex with girls.

There are two main types of sex scenes.
One is an anime-style sex scene in a tent at a campsite.
The other is a single picture from the events of some mini-games (hide-and-seek, Kimodameshi).

In the tent

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