Bitchi out audition!! RJ01174141 Save Data

Bitchi out audition!! RJ01174141 Save Data



◆Seeing through the bitches that come to the idol auditions? ◆Adult

It’s finally starting!

New idol audition!

Score the girls who come for interview and form an idol group of your choice.

and form an idol group of your choice!

and challenge your debut live!

There are more than a million different girls!

From their looks, to their clothes, to their personalities…


What if there is a “bitch” among the applicants?

What if we let a bitchy girl make her debut?

You have a limited time and a limited number of questions, so you have to find out if she’s a neat and tidy girl!

◆”I want to do something eh at the interview…” ◆”I want to do something eh at the interview…

If you repeat interviews and live performances, your manager level will increase and you will be able to give echigo-yaki instructions at interviews!

and you can give out sexy instructions at the interview!

Checking your underwear…

Use toys…

Live performance starts immediately after the interview!

After the interview is over, the girls go on stage

They go on stage in the same way…

This is abuse of authority at its finest!

Well, producer…

The first girl has arrived!

Meta Quest2

This product is compatible with MetaQuest2.
Please note that we cannot guarantee the operation when playing with other VR headsets.

◆Other ◆

Rio Fujimura (@fujimura_rio)
Ms. Jemiko Yamada (@gemiko_voice)

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