Shokushu yoroi to shinpi no tou RJ01174329 Save Data

Shokushu yoroi to shinpi no tou RJ01174329 Save Data



A tower suddenly appeared in the northern land.
At first glance, it was a mysterious structure.

But it might be a nest of monsters.
Or it might be an ark of invaders from another world.
For the sake of the people living there, we could not leave it as it was.
Until we could assure them of the tower’s safety, we had to go through it and investigate.

However, there was one reason why the investigation of the tower had not progressed.
In order to enter the tower, one must be equipped with special armor provided by the tower itself…?

One day, a captured bandit named Salifa is brought in front of the tower.


The game is a general RPG.
Use the power of your tentacle armor to twist your enemies and move on.

However, this is not limited to the case when your HP is reduced.
Tentacle Armor will proceed to erode into the host, and will enter a “runaway” state.

In this case, the ability increases, though,
However, the tentacle armor will take away your freedom and you will not be able to choose your actions.
It is up to you to avoid or take advantage of this state. ……

As you progress through the adventure, the tentacle armor acquires new forms.
Use the characteristics of each form to your advantage in your adventures.

If defeated, ……?

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Shokushu yoroi to shinpi no tou RJ01174329” and use it.

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