Hike! clitoris rhythm!! [tokubetsu goudoushi doukon ban] RJ01174461 Save Data

Hike! clitoris rhythm!! [tokubetsu goudoushi doukon ban] RJ01174461 Save Data


What is ◆CRYLISM?

Clitorism is a trend in the magical world!

Clitorism is a trend in the demon world!

Tune your meat instrument and play the best melody!

You are the next generation of clitoral performers!

What kind of game?

This is a rhythm game in which you play the clitoris to the rhythm.

Play with the wheezing voice of the meat instrument.

A total of 30 songs are included, including 9 newly written songs!

Aim for live success with all the songs!

What is a ◆meat instrument?

It is a witch girl tuned for Krillism.

It is bought from a store specializing in Krillist, tuned and made into a meat instrument.

They grow more lewd with each performance.

Tune 5 flesh instruments lewdly and show your ability!

What is the H scene like?

The number of basic CGs for H-scenes is 15 and 264 including differentials.

All five meat instruments used in the performance have differentials and animations.

Both H-scenes and performances are fully voiced.

In the full version, a menu to open all elements can be selected from the options.

◆What is a special joint publication?

A joint publication of the best cririsms by 18 special guests. It will be included in the product version.

It has 60 pages in total and is available in two formats: cartoon and illustration.

List of special guests (in alphabetical order, titles omitted)

Iken, Ekuran, Oyamabokuchi, Ga.

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