Magi/riveruri no mugen doukutsu RJ01175143 Save Data

Magi/riveruri no mugen doukutsu RJ01175143 Save Data



A real-time ecchi dungeon that can be played even when left completely unattended!

The game progresses without stopping, and the standing pictures change one after another.

Defeat the enemies who attack you with erotic attacks, and don’t let the erotic traps get you down,

Defeat the whore Reverie who lurks in the deepest part of the dungeon.

The game is over when both of them are in a state of “full restraint”.

Number of HCGs

Basic HCG…32 + various differences


Basic standing pictures…2 (with various differences)

HCG…30 pictures (Standing picture type HCG. Some have differences)


Echi-enemies…15 (1 HCG for each 2 characters)

Traps…7 kinds (basic standing picture diffs are changed)

Game Flow

If the answer to a question is correct, the enemy’s attack is prevented and damage is inflicted,

Conversely, if the answer is incorrect, the enemy’s attack succeeds and you are restrained.

When restrained, the heart gauge increases,

When the heart gauge reaches its maximum, HP decreases,

As the HP decreases, it becomes more difficult to escape from the restraints,

When the heart gauge reaches a certain level, the player becomes fully restrained,

When both players are fully restrained, the game is over.

If you turn on auto mode, the game will proceed even if you leave the game completely unattended.

After clearing the story, you will be able to choose an extra mode.

Any difficulty level is fine.

About the trial version

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Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Magi/riveruri no mugen doukutsu RJ01175143” and use it.

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