Nezatora – Netherworld TRansfer -~ ikai kara no dasshutsu~ RJ01175493 Save Data

Nezatora – Netherworld TRansfer -~ ikai kara no dasshutsu~ RJ01175493 Save Data



Hikari Yoshikawa and Yuta Torane are a couple who have known each other since childhood, but have only recently started dating.

On the day of the earthquake, they were going home together.

However, the school was suddenly hit by a violent tremor, and a strange atmosphere enveloped the school.

Immediately afterward, they heard a scream and saw a monster walking toward them.

They tried to leave the school, but the door would not open, and the space outside was also strange.

Hikari and Yuta are cornered by the monster and are about to die, when Yuta awakens the ability to summon a sword and Hikari awakens light magic.

Using this power, they defeat the monster and escape to the infirmary where there are survivors who have awakened to other abilities.

The only survivors were the school nurse, Momono Sakura, a school student and flirt, Kento, an otaku and classmate, Ota, a geek, and Saenaga, a chemistry teacher, who together with Hikari and Yuta were the only six people left alive.

The six of them decide to join forces to explore this school that has turned into an alien world and find a way to return to their original world.

Heroine Introduction

Hikari Yoshikawa

The protagonist of the film. Yuta’s girlfriend. She awakens to the magic of light.

Sakura Momono


She is a school nurse. She awakens to recovery magic.

Introduction of Men

Yuta Torane

Hikari’s boyfriend. He awakens with the ability to summon swords.

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