Yokoshima fitness club RJ01175533 Save Data

Yokoshima fitness club RJ01175533 Save Data


What kind of game?

This is a mini-RPG in which a girl gets naughty at a fitness club.
Dot picture changes and animates according to the situation.
The main focus of the game is to enjoy conversations and events, and there is no battle, training elements, or in-depth storyline like in normal RPGs.
Explore freely while talking to various people, researching, and enjoying activities at the fitness club.
The difficulty level of the game is low.

◆Situations and events

There are many naughty, sexually harassing, forced, and Nakadashi type situations.
There are also situations where you are unaware that you are being sexually harassed. (Sneak peeks, verbal deception, sleeping, etc…)
There are a variety of events, from those related to fitness to those unrelated to fitness.
There are also somewhat more elements of neshota, hetero-sex, sucking, and licking.

◆About the pictures

There are more than 60 kinds of standing pictures including normal and erotic ones.
All standing pictures of H scenes are animated, and sound effects and voices are also played.
The voices are panting voices only.


Cross-sectional view can be displayed ON/OFF.
The main character’s lines are displayed in white text, and NPC’s lines are displayed in other colors such as yellow.
After clearing the room, the clear room (gallery) will be released.
Some events and standing pictures can only be seen in the clear room.
The cleared saved data is also available as an extra.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Yokoshima fitness club RJ01175533” and use it.

Download Save Data

Fully open from the beginning