Kyouki no en~ kindan no yuuwaku ni oboreru yoru~ RJ01175927 Save Data

Kyouki no en~ kindan no yuuwaku ni oboreru yoru~ RJ01175927 Save Data


Horror but erotic! The best first-person 3D game for M-men!

An old western-style house on the outskirts of town.

Day and night, women invite men to enjoy a “crazy party.

Once they set foot inside, they never come back.

The protagonist visits the pavilion in high spirits with a “free dinner ticket with a girl” that arrives at his home.

He must use his wits and escape from the mansion without succumbing to the women who attack him with “powerful magic”!

Game File Update Contents

Update 5.14
Added the ability to select the motion of sexual techniques in the dream room (bonus).
Shortened the time required to skip events.
The range of judgment when picking up/combining objects has been expanded.
Improved the situation in stage 3 where a stick cannot be removed after being thrown.
Added additional information to some of the puzzles.
Enclosed notes on strategies and operations have been changed to make some of the descriptions easier to understand.

Update 5.18
Added the ability to switch to the English version of the game.
Revised the in-game guide to be more detailed.
Fixed some bugs.
Added memo file of strategy, etc.

Main operations

Running Away.”
Use WASD (↑←↓→) to run in the cross direction, and use the mouse to change the front direction. The women will stop by themselves after a certain period of time, so run away first.

Press and hold the SHIFT key to crouch. The detection range of the opponent will be narrowed and damage will be recovered.
Crouch in the shadows to hide. Lights are detected.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kyouki no en~ kindan no yuuwaku ni oboreru yoru~ RJ01175927” and use it.

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