Kuro a to oishii portion no tsukurikata RJ01179714 Save Data

Kuro a to oishii portion no tsukurikata RJ01179714 Save Data


Mini-Dungeon RPG – Synthesize potions and advance through a dungeon with 30 underground floors!

Croat, a self-proclaimed genius wizard, has a problem with the taste of potions: ……
As it is, he can’t recover his magic and strength!
That’s right! You can make your own tasty potions!
In search of a grimoire on how to make a sweet and tasty potion, which is said to be in the innermost room of the underground dungeon
Let’s challenge the 30-level random underground dungeon!

Updates are coming soon!


Explore dungeons to obtain materials and synthesize them to make potions!
Random 30-level dungeon with a new layout each time you enter
Easy one-on-one turn battles, defeat enemies to obtain materials and experience!
Enemies become more challenging with each level, with a boss room on every 10th floor!
If you can’t beat the enemy, go around the dungeon to collect materials and mass-produce potions!
If you lose to the boss, the H-scene and recollections are released from the beginning (3 types of H-scenes).
Clothes come off when you take damage.
Auto-combat command is available, and there are items to help you.
Play time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Character Introduction: Croix

The protagonist of this work.
He is a self-proclaimed genius magician, but his skills are only average.
He has lived his life with a mysterious confidence and optimism, and always has a cocky attitude.
He has a big attitude, but he also has big tits.
He dislikes the taste and smell of magic potions and magic potions in general.

When HP is reduced to half, the battle standing picture becomes naked.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kuro a to oishii portion no tsukurikata RJ01179714” and use it.

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