Mahou shoujo Mia RJ01183985 Save Data

Mahou shoujo Mia RJ01183985 Save Data



Hiiragi Mia is a young girl who longs to be a magical girl.

On her way home one day, she is almost attacked by a tentacle monster.

At that moment, a light floods into the doll Mia was holding and it starts to talk.

The voice is an emissary from the heavenly realm, and it wants her to fight the monster by giving her power.

Mia, who yearns to become a magical girl, immediately agrees. She transforms and fights, but her power fails her.

Then her homeroom teacher Mizoguchi appears, and the monster sets its sights on Mizoguchi.

Mia quickly defends Mizoguchi. Mia almost collapses, but her desire to protect him awakens her and she defeats the monster.

The monster is in fact a human who has been planted with a demon seed, a seed that turns people into monsters.

Mia’s battle begins when she is asked by a messenger from the heavenly realm to defeat the demon tribe that planted this seed.

About the Game

This is a simple game created in RPG TSCOOL MV with only basic boss battles.

The game is a simple game created in RPG TSCOOL MV.

In each story, you can act in Mia’s room once, and at that time, you can save your actions, strengthen parameter events, and move to the recollection room.

The entire game can be opened after the first episode is cleared.

Basically, the game ends badly when the boss is defeated. (In some cases, you will get a bad end depending on your actions and choices.)

Number of recollection scenes: 25

Happy end 1, Bad end 9, NTR end 1

12 basic CGs (271 CGs including differences) + 1 illustration

You can play up to the 2nd episode in the demo version.


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