Zanki no machi RJ01186429 Save Data

Zanki no machi RJ01186429 Save Data


A man who was once bullied takes his revenge by raping three girls all over the city!


The main character, a young man named Ujiki, returns to his hometown, Hiruma City, after the death of his parents.

While working part-time as a security guard, he meets the daughters of his former tormentors.

The girls’ parents are successful businessmen and young men of power in the city, and they have forgotten all about the past of bullying him and have built a happy family.

A dark flame of revenge burns in Ujiki’s heart…!

Game Contents


 Prowl-type RPG

 Produced with RPG Tool MZ

 There are some event-like battle scenes.


 Two types of endings: normal end and thin end after clearing the game.

Basic H-animation 30 scenes

 More than 760 animations including differences!

System Requirements: Windows

Resolution: 816 x 624

Erotic status available

We made it as stress-free as possible!

Movement in the city can also be done by commands.

In the sex scene, the player can speed up the piston speed and control the timing and location of ejaculation by using the icons.

Mouse operation is required for H-scenes.

calling system

■As the story progresses, the three heroines can be called upon at any time.

You can call them up in a secluded place or while they are working part-time.

Installation Save Data

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Zanki no machi RJ01186429” and use it.

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