Makenshi reve futarigurashi to shokushu no majuu RJ01186619 Save Data

Makenshi reve futarigurashi to shokushu no majuu RJ01186619 Save Data


AVG about a two-person life with a magical swordsman girl who comes from another world in pursuit of a tentacled magical beast.

Kenji Nagayama lives alone due to a troublesome domestic dispute.
In the midst of his agonizing life, a visitor from another world suddenly appears before him.
A mass of tentacle-like magical beasts, Nunernux, and a female swordsman, Levedot, come in pursuit of them.
…and the talking demon sword she uses, Alvama.
After an unorthodox battle that unfolds before Kenji’s eyes, Ravedort misses Nyunelnux.
Furthermore, perhaps overwork has taken its toll on Lave, and she collapses…
In order to defeat the terrifying squid…or rather, the demonic beast that could even destroy the nation if left unchecked, Kenji decides to cooperate with Lave.
Kenji is going to cooperate with Rave to defeat the monster…?
Shrinking and growing, tentacles and possession, one against one, many against many…
A story in less than a week, centered around 1LDK, with a female demon swordsman, a talking sword, and a tentacle monster, spun with slapstick and hardcore sex.
The story takes place in less than a week.
The story is a simple AVG with a few branches, but with a bad ending.

Voice: Rio Fujimura

Heroine Levee shrinks and grows…
In consideration of the recent situation, we avoid direct expression, but the heroine Levée’s body is…
Her body is like…big ⇔ small…that’s it. It’s hard to say, but you get the idea.
I think it’s obvious from the sample images…


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