Kaitou Ren RJ01186842 Save Data

Kaitou Ren RJ01186842 Save Data



Ren continues his journey to become a legendary thief.

With the magical power given to him by the fox fairy “Konta”,

destroy the evil organization “Hachikyo”!

What awaits you in the dungeon of the mansion?

traps, and people with a bit of a unique flavor.

If you get caught, they will do naughty things to you!

Use transformation, attack, skills, and various magic,

Steal the secrets of Hachikyo!

◆Street system


Look at the red balloon!

If you talk to this character, he will tell you very important information!

He will tell you very important information!

This information is absolutely essential to the story!

Talk to the characters with white speech bubbles, too!

They may give you all kinds of interesting information!

H Event

Is the evening a naughty time?

When the sun goes down in the evening,

Residents become horny!

Residents with a heart balloon are on the verge of an explosion of desire!

on the verge of a lust explosion! Talk to them at ……!

Sexual Harassment

Some of the residents are sexually harassed!

If you talk to them, they will sexually harass you for any reason,

They will sexually harass you! And it’s not just one time!

Sexual harassment will escalate. …… What should you do?

What do you do?

You can do it by using the “magic word” next to the hotel!

Where is the magic word? …… It’s in the magazine “Man-Man”!

First, let’s look for “Man-Man”!

◆Dungeon Shi

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