Demo ? esty ?? maousama to sugosu hibi – RJ01188729 Save Data

Demo ? esty ?? maousama to sugosu hibi – RJ01188729 Save Data



A modern-day SLG about living together with the Demon King] One day on your way home, you find the Demon King in your room, who seems to have jumped out of a fantasy world!

A slow life simulation with a rich ADV part for you and her in the modern age!


One day, I heard a rumor in my neighborhood, and when I came home, I found a beautiful girl I had never seen before in my room!

The next day, she wakes up to find that it was not a dream, but rather a cosplay or a fantasy.

She ran out of the room to avoid bothering you, but you couldn’t leave her alone and decided to go looking for her.

When you find her and talk to her, she tells you that she is a demon king, but that she is still a girl,

She suggests that you come to her room if you have nowhere else to go.

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Let’s deepen the relationship with the Demon King by living together and live a daily life.

Although you don’t know why she came to this world, you can spend time together in the present day and learn about her.

Sometimes it gets naughty, and a new life for you and the Demon Lord will begin.


Anne(An) CV.Sakurabi-Tenka

The demon king who came to this world for some reason, brown and silver-haired, with big horns and radical clothes.

Her personality is unstable at first, perhaps due to her world travels, and she has trouble remembering some parts of her life.

She is proud to be the Demon King, and is a girl of her age who can care for others and her followers.

She knows magic and, like the Demon King, is able to use a variety of demons and magic spells.

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