HH TRAP~ joushiki henka no wana~ RJ01189679 Save Data

HH TRAP~ joushiki henka no wana~ RJ01189679 Save Data



DUNGEON” is a place filled with dreams, hopes, and romance, and is the dream of every adventurer.
Maika, a martial artist in training, challenges such a dungeon.
It is said that legendary martial artists left various treasures in the dungeon where she challenges…
As Maika wanders through the dungeon, she suddenly finds herself in a different atmosphere than the previous dungeons.
This is the story of Maika’s run through one of the traps in the dungeon…

*This game will be a mini-game format of some of the traps in “HH DUNGEON” currently under development.
 Since the creator only wanted to release the game before it went out of fashion, some of the contents may be duplicated when the finished version of “HH DUNGEON” is released.
 Please purchase only if you do not have a problem with that.

Don’t miss even the smallest anomaly! I’ve seen this game system ministry somewhere before.


1. at 0, no anomalies occur.

2. Do not miss an anomaly at later times. (Do not let your guard down until the end.)

3. If there is an anomaly, turn back.

4. If there is no anomaly, do not turn back.

5. If there is no anomaly at the end of 7, you can get out of this trap.

If you miss too many anomalies…

~ Caution~…

1. Do not touch the abnormalities…

2. If you miss the abnormality…

You may become a part of this trap…

There are 5 EDs in total

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “HH TRAP~ joushiki henka no wana~ RJ01189679” and use it.

Download Save Data

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