Angel fairy sakura RJ01190819 Save Data

Angel fairy sakura RJ01190819 Save Data


■ Synopsis

Sakura, Kotetsu, and Aya are sent to an island called “Yonowara,” which is said to be a paradise for criminals by order of the state.
Their goal is to destroy the “Bufazus,” a huge criminal organization on the island.
After landing safely on the island, they set out to gather information about Bufazus with the help of their collaborators. ……

About the game

This game is a look-down type action game.
You will clear stages while making full use of the main slashing and long-range techniques you learn.
Of course, if you lose to the boss enemy, you will get a BADEND, and you will be able to replay two scenes of defeat H and a later story (fall pattern).
Also, after defeating the boss, you can view the backstage report of the defeat in the H status section, which is designed to make your fantasy progress after the defeat.
The town of Yonokichi is full of ruthless thugs and there are many mini-events such as sexual harassment, and of course, there are also some gruesome H events that occur for the sake of the body.
The content of the game includes bitchiness, cuckoldry, tentacles, ahem faces, evil corruption, rape, sexual abuse, and machine sex…there are many sex scenes in which the dignity of the hero is destroyed.
Also, Sakura herself does not know, but it seems that she has been secretly planted with something by her friends, the national organization…
This work can be played without any problem even if you have not played our previous works.

This game was created with RPG Toolkool MZ.
Please confirm the operation with the trial version.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
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