Kage kyadoushi ga bushitsu de sex suru dake no game. RJ01191434 Save Data

Kage kyadoushi ga bushitsu de sex suru dake no game. RJ01191434 Save Data


■ Contents

A comedy-like simulation in which you experience a week with a strange junior colleague.
Conversations are fully voiced (heroine only).
All erotic scenes are animated with nuru-nyu.
CV: Aa on ice

Mouse operation is required.


I, Tanosaki, am the head of the Literature Club. I’m a quiet, unobtrusive person who lives in the shadows.
And the only other member of the club is Marina Murakabe, a COPY001 year my junior.

It sounds nice to say that Murakabe is a literary girl, but she shows no interest in anything other than books and doesn’t communicate well with me.

One day, Murakabe suddenly spoke to me.
Would you like to have sex with me?”
Naturally, I was flustered.
Murakabe was curious about sex, which appears repeatedly in literary works, and wanted to experience it for himself.
He wants to experience it for himself.

Afterwards. Murakabe is still not fully convinced about sex, while I am still in a state of shock.
He calls it the “Literature Club Spring Sex Enhancement Week,” and suggests that we have sex every day for a week.

I begin to develop romantic feelings for Murakabe, whom I have never been particularly conscious of.
As is usual with unattractive people, I immediately fall in love with the opposite sex with whom I have made contact.

However, Murakabe’s proclivities are a little unusual.
He has been known to forcibly interweave everyday conversation during sex, and to use the prefectural capital city of Kuta as a metaphor for his own sexuality.

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