Netori (nettori) Hanzou no bakunyuu NTR RJ01193236 Save Data

Netori (nettori) Hanzou no bakunyuu NTR RJ01193236 Save Data


Falling Early? Light NTR’s Busty RPG!(Girlfriend, Married Woman, Dad)


Once upon a time, this boing-boing kingdom was called the Kingdom of Hirattey.
As the name of the country suggests, the poor tits of the human race were much admired,
The majority of the population was made up of human beings.

However, a few years ago, the current king discovered the value of big tits,
The status of the minority race with big tits was improved,
the majority of the people in the country are fond of big tits.

In recent years, the interaction between the human race and ethnic minorities has begun to progress,
However, rumors began to circulate…


Become a competent adventurer, “Cuckold Hanzo”,
RPG to covet the tits of the tits of a minority tribe!

Through conversations with main characters and exploration in each map,
and NTR development through conversations and exploration with the main characters on each map!

Enjoy the event-recollection type RPG!
The game is a light NTR game with a quick fall!
If the NTR progresses, you will be begged with lewd words!
No command battle, quick and easy!
No command battle, quick and easy!

Examples of H Situations with Big Tits
Breast rubbing
Hand job
Titjob (a lot!)
SEX (upright, cowgirl, doggy position, sitting on the floor)
Costumes: uniforms, maids, cheerleaders, etc.

Number of sex scenes: 36 (basic CG: 36 + α)
Estimated play time: 120-150 minutes.
 (You will be able to cum in the reminiscence room in the middle of the game. All scenes can be released in the middle of the game.)


Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Netori (nettori) Hanzou no bakunyuu NTR RJ01193236” and use it.

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