Imouto ni suimin shite haramaseru game (kari) RJ01194506 Save Data

Imouto ni suimin shite haramaseru game (kari) RJ01194506 Save Data



This is a game to impregnate or give birth to a sleeping girl (name can be changed) by playing pranks on her or ejaculating inside her.

You can also play pranks when she is awake or let her tentacles play pranks on you (slime is not available).

Game Flow

This work is largely divided into a morning part and an evening part.

In the morning part, you can check the status of the girls, learn skills, etc.

During the night part, you can play pranks on sleeping girls, and when the night part ends, the day is over.


fat mischief

This work is operated with the mouse.
You can touch or insert the part corresponding to the selected action by left-clicking or dragging.
Enjoy the smooth animation by Live2D.

Fat Skill Opening

Releasing skills increases the number of ejaculations, the amount of ejaculation, and the actions available.

Releasing a skill consumes RP (release points), which can be obtained by ejaculating or climaxing.

Fat state change

By acquiring specific skills, it is possible to put the subject in a state of cognitive inhibition, sensory deprivation, common sense conversion, etc.

Depending on the current state, the reaction to mischief will change slightly.

Fat expansion

The size and depth of insertion varies depending on the degree of expansion.

The degree of expansion is large

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Imouto ni suimin shite haramaseru game (kari) RJ01194506” and use it.

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