Eiyuusama wo sukuitai!~ shinmai majutsushi VS kichiku oukoku~ RJ01196268 Save Data

Eiyuusama wo sukuitai!~ shinmai majutsushi VS kichiku oukoku~ RJ01196268 Save Data



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~ Synopsis~.

 This is the story of an alternate world, much like Earth.

 It has been 100 years since the “Empire”, which is said to be the strongest on the continent, achieved the unification of the world.

 People were living a peaceful life under the rule of the emperor.

 However, with the arrival of a magician, the peace that seemed to last forever comes to an end.

 The magician’s name is “Skugga-Sokele.

 He was a rare genius and inventor, and with his “Magic Golem,” the small kingdom of Roost rose up against the empire to take over the world.

 The strength of the golem army was tremendous,

 The soldiers of the empire were defeated one after another, and in just a few years, half of their territory was taken away.

 However, the empire still has one of its strongest female knights, “Hild-Hopp,” who is the best of the best.

 As long as she exists, the Roost Kingdom will never be victorious.

 The empire will continue to fight with hope in its heart until the time when the great evil is vanquished.

~Character Introduction


  The empire’s most powerful female knight.

  She uses a rare sword and has the power to rival a golem army on her own.


  A young apprentice knight in Hild’s unit.


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