Osananajimi ga netorareru made no ichi shuukan RJ01197568 Save Data

Osananajimi ga netorareru made no ichi shuukan RJ01197568 Save Data



With a tournament coming up in a week, Kento Yamauchi, a member of the baseball team, decides to confess his feelings to his childhood friend Mitsuba Tojo.

Mitsuba, who is quiet and shy, but opens up only to Kento, happily nods her head in agreement.

Knowing that they both love each other, Kento works hard at practice to express his feelings, and Mitsuba continues to cheer him on.

Then one delinquent …… Hekito Kanemoto appears to Mitsuba.

The first thing that Mitsuba does is to reject him, revealing her dislike for him,

However, she was taken in by the little anxiety she had for Kento, and eventually her body and mind —-

Game Overview

A childhood friend who should have loved and trusted each other is stolen away by an interloper. ……

This work is about reliving such an experience from the protagonist’s point of view.

There are no difficult controls or branches, and you can release all the H-scenes while following the story.

Please enjoy the story from the point of view of the protagonist as he loses the man he loves to his cuckolded childhood friend, and is then shown in a pathetic state by her.


A childhood friend, Mitsuba’s body is fucked, without her knowledge. ……

A fleshy body is squeezed and fucked, out of reach. ……

The charm of the beautiful Mitsuba fuels a sense of realism and excitement.

Enjoy the soft body, the flabby breasts, and the expression on her face as she falls into pleasure.

H Situations

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Osananajimi ga netorareru made no ichi shuukan RJ01197568” and use it.

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