Shitagi ga nuretara Pappy – Long – Legs RJ01198175 Save Data

Shitagi ga nuretara Pappy – Long – Legs RJ01198175 Save Data



———-The second last car of a one-man train: ———

I’ll buy your underwear for “1,000,000 yen”. And if your underwear gets wet by the time we get to the next station…”

A demo negotiation in an everyday blind spot where no one notices!

The girls’ common sense is gradually broken by the unusual amount of money and the closed room environment…

What is the man’s true purpose behind the high price?

Game System
Touching simulation game
Live2D animation of all scenes + up to 3 frames
Multi-endings for each character
After the game is cleared, a “Recollection Mode” is available + One additional bonus play scene is available only in the Recollection Mode.
Zoom-up function is available in some scenes.
There is no yuri development.

Pants purchase 1,000,000 yenup
Pie touch? Pie touch?
Rental clothes (to the next station): skirt, ribbon, shirt, bra
Mouth? Skirts, ribbons, shirts, and bras.
Nuisance fee, gibberish fee, information fee, smell fee…etc.
A single shot inside the body? 1 shot inside the body?
Extra allowance…etc.
Paying a lot of money for all kinds of things, and getting the negotiations done and getting the underwear wet!

Screen mode: 1020*900 730*640


Simultaneous close-up frames of “boobs, pants, buttocks,” etc., in a comic book frame-by-frame style scene, so that the entire body can be seen.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Shitagi ga nuretara Pappy – Long – Legs RJ01198175” and use it.

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