Sales lady no yuuwaku talk RJ01200871 Save Data

Sales lady no yuuwaku talk RJ01200871 Save Data


Mini RPG to enjoy naughty door-to-door sales situations

A new girl is assigned to the sales department of adult goods.
She is chased by a severe quota and sells her body to get a contract.
You can enjoy naughty door-to-door sales situations.

You can arouse your customers’ desire to buy with honest sales talk.
Or you can stir up sexual desire with provocative seductive talk.
Use them to your advantage and get the contract.

Massage machines, energy pills, condoms, etc…
Young girls are tempted to sell products that should not be sold by young girls through demonstration sales.
However, if you provoke them too much…
Mischievous live sex with a customer who has lost his/her mind.
You can enjoy both seduction sex and forced sex.

Pantry, caress, pseudo-sex, live sex, etc…
About 60 patterns of seduction & prank sex animation and
About 400 different costume change elements!
You can enjoy your favorite situations with your favorite costumes.

By advancing the story, you can freely view the animations you have seen once.
You will be able to freely view the animations you have already seen once by advancing through the story.
(For those who are busy, there is also a cheat code to release all animations.)

There are almost no story elements.
 This is a work to enjoy situations.
*Although this is a sequel to the previous work, you can enjoy it without any problem even if you have not played it.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Sales lady no yuuwaku talk RJ01200871” and use it.

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