Moyooshi me gaki shoukou gun RJ01203959 Save Data

Moyooshi me gaki shoukou gun RJ01203959 Save Data


♦ Synopsis ♦

With this pimping app, you can do whatever you want to anyone! –A middle-aged, NEET man whose hobby is erotic gaming receives a mobile terminal.

He doesn’t believe in it, but when he runs out of patience with a brat who is always making fun of him, he activates the hypnosis application. ……

The man’s faded life is now colored with lust!

♦ Simulation Game ♦

This is an SLG game in which the player punishes cocky boys by hypnotizing them.

While releasing various commands with the hypnotizing application, aim to increase the hypnotizing level and lewdness.

Open the door of sex little by little.

H scene ♦ H scene ♦ H scene ♦ H scene ♦ H scene ♦ H scene ♦ H scene ♦ H scene

The combinations of hypnosis commands are endless!

You can rub her breasts while inserting them, or play with many adult toys.

Use your favorite way to make yourself and the girl feel good.

Turn a girl into a dress-up doll in the streets of the city.

Make out with a girl who has been made to fall in love with you through a sexual intercourse.

Take away their physical freedom and fuck them as you wish.

Hypnotize girls at school, on trains, in department stores, … wherever you want!

♦ Hypnosis ♦

The same command can be given with different dialogues and facial expressions depending on how the girl is hypnotized and how lewd she is.

The photo shooting part after the daily sex scene will be displayed on the in-game terminal’s standby screen.

Various effects that give a sense of realism and immersion

♦ Girls

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Moyooshi me gaki shoukou gun RJ01203959” and use it.

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