Manjuu juuji gun RJ077955 Save Data

Manjuu juuji gun RJ077955 Save Data


The adventures you imagined back then come back to life here and now!

A nostalgic fantasy RPG full of romance and sex!

Manjyu Crusaders


Manjurado, where sacred milk and honey flow.

This pure and beautiful holy place of Manjyu has been stolen by the pagan priest Bougon!

Bougon is trying to overrun this holy place and resurrect the pagan god of destruction.

You must prevent the resurrection of the God of Destruction,

You must prevent the return of the God of Destruction and reclaim the holy land from the clutches of Boogong.

Take up your swords and raise your banners!

May the Manju God bless you!

Form a crusade of nine heroes! The Crusader Army

The player becomes the captain of a crusader army and sets out on an adventurous journey.

Organize your crusade from nine heroes, each with their own characteristics!

Leave it to melee combat! …BARBARIAN

The courageous and righteous warrior…KNIGHT

Defeat your enemies with your deadly sword! SAMURAI

The benevolent monk! …PRIEST Monk

Master of offensive magic!  …MAGICUSER

Versatile thief skills! …THIEF

A serious man who grew up in the mountains! Shepherd

A deadly assassin…! NINJA

Pigs!       …BUTA

A naughty event during the trip! ○ ○

Sexual events during the journey of the Crusaders

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